Total Skin Solution

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Revive Skin Clinic offers skin tightening with the Total Skin Solution from Lutronic. Using the technology of radiofrequency microneedling, the Genius has built in sensors to optimize the energy to the tissues for best-and safest-radiofrequency skin toning! This treats the deep dermis while the LaseMD Ultra is used post needling to stimulate collagen at the epidermal level. This speeds healing, decreases down time, and improves overall texture and appearance of pores. The LaseMD also lifts discoloration from sun damage!

Each system can be used on its own for beautiful results but together they form the Total Skin Solution.

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Want to get a facelift without the surgery? Sculptra is the closest you will get without going under the knife! This biostimulator is strategically placed to create a tightening and lifting while improving volume in areas that decrease as we age. This can be used alone or with other treatments for even better results. Come in for your free consult today!