Do You Suffer from Rosacea or Spider veins?

Diminish your redness with a rosacea or spider vein treatment in Somerset County, ME

Schedule an appointment at at Revive Skin Clinic of Maine, ME, to ask one of our professionals about your skin discoloration. We can provide you with a thorough assessment and a variety of solutions, so you can feel confident in your own skin.

Our rosacea treatment will help even out your reddened skin tone without irritation. You’ll generally notice improvement after the first session.

We also offer spider vein treatment sessions in Skowhegan, ME. Treatments lead to permanent improvement in the number and severity of spider veins.

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Sun Damage

Treatments that can fade your dark spots

Our skin rejuvenation treatment laser reduces and often resolves the appearance of dark sunspots on your skin. It simultaneously reduces redness and diminishes fine lines by stimulating collagen and elastin production (Yes–this is a good thing!!)

This is usually a “lunchtime” procedure with minimal to no downtime. A free consultation can help you know what to expect for your skin goals.

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