Skin Care Services


All of our facials and chemical peels start with a deep cleansing massage and end with rich rehydration and nutrition. Your skin needs are assessed and the facial is formulated to fit your needs!  Most facials take 45 minutes to an hour.
Pampering Facials

Your skin concerns and a thorough skin assessment direct our pampering facial. Each facial is personalized to treat various skin problems such as acne, rosacea, hydration, pigmentation changes, and aging.

Oxygeneo+ Facial

This advanced facial system exfoliates your skin with a unique sodium bicarbonate tip.  The tip combines with the water in the facial solution and creates carbon dioxide which bubbles on the skin. Our body responds by sending oxygen to the treated areas and increases cell turnover, fibroblast production, and improved healing and hydration.  Exfoliation is followed by ultrasound to push the nutrients into the skin and followed by a relaxing massage tip.

Chemical Peels

 TCA Peel

Depending on the depth of peel you desire, choose from our 5 Berry Antioxidant peel or the Vitamin A peel to help correct pigment changes, discoloration, acne, and fine lines. You should expect some mild to moderate amount of flaking or peeling following this treatment for about 5-7 days.

Anti-Aging Lactic Peel

Rejuvenate and strengthen connective tissues for firmer, healthier, and younger looking skin with our retinol and lactic acid peel, followed by a wrinkle prescription mask. There is little to no downtime with this peel but can depend on the amount of time the peel is left in place and your skin type.

Laser Menu

Laser Treatments involve use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), long pulsed light, and solid state laser of different light wavelengths to treat your specific skin concern. The different delivery styles and the different wavelengths of the light control the effect. Hair removal, skin rejuvenation (anti-aging), acne and rosacea are some of the treatments delivered.

Laser Facials

IPL Laser Facial
starts at $100

IPL treatments are used to treat sunspots, rosacea, and signs of aging.  Effects are noted after one treatment but may need additional treatments to achieve results.  Rosacea is an ongoing condition that will likely need treatments intermittently to manage.  Cost starts at $100 per treatment but is adjusted based on the area size. May have mild redness for the first few hours after treatment, can be covered with powder/concealer.

Unfractionated Erbium Laser Treatment
$750 each

This is the full overhaul ladies and gentlemen! Erbium laser gives your skin a full thickness epidermal treatment. You will see results in diminished fine lines, scarring, and brighter, younger looking skin!  YOU NEED TO EXPECT about 10 days of your skin looking dry and peeling before your brighter, smoother skin appears. Most clients need 1-3 treatments to achieve desired results. $750 each.

Fractionated Erbium Laser Treatment
$500 each

Get all the benefits with less down time than with unfractionated erbium treatments. The full results will be a little slower and require additional treatments to achieve but your skin will experience less dryness and peeling and recover in a shorter amount of time, usually anywhere from 4-6 days. Clients usually need 3-6 treatments to achieved desired results. $500 each

Hair & Tattoo Removal

Permanently remove or reduce hair anywhere you don’t want it with laser hair removal! Prices listed are per session averages. These are based on area, complexity, and time and will be discussed and finalized during free consultation.
Tattoo Removal & Vascular Treatment
Starting at $150

Variable and to be determined during consult. Spider veins usually take 1-2 treatments.  Tattoos can take 6-12 treatments and response varies on the colors used and whether it is a professional tattoo or not. Consultation can determine your expected cost and treatment regimen.

Face (cheeks, chin, upper lip)
Half leg
Full leg

Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers

Botulinum toxin

Price varies based on the number of units delivered. 0-20 units is $15 a unit, 21-40 units is $14 a unit, greater than 40 units is $13 a unit.

I do provide “Botox Parties”. Hostesses for botox parties get their botulinum toxin at $12 a unit and if the party sells over 100 units, hostess gets $10 per unit!

Botox can be used to ease frown lines, squint lines, create a lifted eyebrow (“eyelift”), a “lip flip” (softens the vertical lines on the upper lip), and even treats platysma banding in the neck (yup, that’s a “thing”).

Dermal Filler (hyaluronic acid)
$600-$750/1 ml syringe

Dermal filler comes in multiple consistency and so there is a small variance in cost between syringes.  The higher cost syringes will give you effects that last months longer!

Hyaluronic acid is one of the fibroblasts created in our skin (along with collagen and elastin) that keeps our skin hydrated and full appearing.  As we age, we produce less and our skin begins to sag and hollow.  This creates tear troughs, lines around the mouth, and sagging jowls.  Dermal filler can be used to correct some of this aging appearance without surgery.  Call for a free consult today!


All packages purchased must be used within 12 months of purchase and are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Custom design and pre-pay for a package during your free consultation for additional discounts!
Pre-purchase a package of treatments for 10% off the treatment price.
Pre-Purchase 100 units of Botox to be used within 12 months and get it for $12/unit.