Do You Suffer From Acne?

Talk to us about acne care options in Somerset County, ME

Acne isn’t a unique affliction that only targets a select few. It’s something almost everyone experiences in their lives, and while there’s pretty much nothing you can do to avoid random breakouts every now and then, there are many solutions to treat ongoing concerns.

There are cases when individuals become extra prone to acne to the extent that it interferes with their daily lives. In these cases, it’s advisable to seek professionals with years of experience in acne treatments. This is where we at Revive Skin Clinic of Maine come in.

How our acne treatments help with your journey.

We use both medical and aesthetic knowledge to evaluate and treat your acne.  Not only can we help determine when medications are needed, we can provide skin treatments to hasten healing and help improve the appearance of scarring and discoloration from healed acne.

Our skin specialists will also recommend home care treatments that support your skin goals and help maintain your results.

To help you get started with any of our acne treatments, we offer a free consultation so that we can gauge what your skin needs. From there, we will create a treatment plan to help you get one step closer to your skin goals.

What type of services do we offer?

At Revive Skin Clinic of Maine, we provide various acne treatment plans to our clients in Skowhegan, ME. Here are some of the top skin care services you can get at Revive:


We start our facials with a deep cleansing massage, followed by a spa treatment facial or a Hydrafacial treatment. After the facial treatment, we end the treatment with nutrition and rehydration through skin topicals. This process usually takes 45-60 minutes.

Chemical Peels

We offer multiple types of chemical peels. Our experts at Revive Skin Clinic of Maine can help you determine the type of chemical peel that best fits your skin, and from there, the chemical peel process will begin with a deep cleanse and ending with the topical serums and lotions needed to promote fast healing.

Laser Treatments

There are a variety of laser facials available at Revive Skin Clinic of Maine. These include the IPL Laser Facial and LaseMD Ultra Glow treatment. These laser treatment methods offer different results, but the end goal stays the same: allow our clients to experience smooth and healthy skin.

When it comes to acne treatments and skin health, we can help you get value for your money and general confidence. Get started on your acne treatment plan when you start your free consultation with us.

For a full menu of our services, descriptions, and pricing, visit our booking site!

Leave the hard work to us

There are a number of methods available when it comes to clearing up your skin, so it is better to let acne treatment professionals help you decide which one could work best with your skin type. We will evaluate your skin type and recommend a solution. Our treatments will handle the rest and we’ll reevaluate if needed during the process.

Acne-free skin will not happen overnight, but a treatment plan with Revive Skin Clinic of Maine will get you to your ideal skin health goal. Schedule a consultation now, and get started with your acne treatment plan. Contact us at 207-558-4422 now!