We Offer a Variety of Skin Care Services

When it comes to skin care treatment, you need to get only the best to achieve glowing and radiant results. Your skin’s health can affect your self-esteem and how you face the world. Invest only in skin care treatment performed by skin care and medical professionals at Revive Skin Clinic.

Browse through our skin care service reviews and you will see why we are the premier skin care destination in Maine. We offer personalized and customized treatments to our clients. We understand that each skin has different needs; therefore, no treatments are exactly the same.

Our skin care provider will get to know you and your skin before recommending a suitable skin treatment.

Injectable Aesthetics

Bring back your skin’s youth and volume with Revive Skin Clinic’s injectables. Our injectables are safe, and our practitioner is qualified to administer them.

Laser Services

We carry a wide range of skin laser services that are safe and effective. We offer laser hair removal for smoother skin, vascular and spider vein laser treatments, IPL, tattoo removal, and erbium facials.

Specialty Rejuvenation Treatments

Everyone can have healthy and glowing skin, no matter the age. Check out our specialty skin care service reviews so you can have the peace of mind that you will only get the best care from Revive Skin Clinic.

Microneedling (Radiofrequency)

Facial Treatment

Signature Hydrafacial

Deluxe Hydrafacial

Platinum Hydrafacial

Chemical Peel

Spa Facial

What To Expect

Skin care is a personal thing. At Revive Skin Clinic, our customers only get personalized and customized skin treatments formulated and designed for their skin type and goals. Read our skin care service reviews and learn what each of our clients loves about our service.

Our skin care professional will first talk with you about your current skin care regimen and skin health goals. Next, we will check your skin for any sensitivities. We will then match your skin type and beauty goals with our skin care services and design a personalized skin care treatment plan for you.

You will only receive the best care and most thoughtful service in the metro when you visit us. We are dedicated not only to making you more glowing and beautiful but to making each visit to our clinic an enjoyable and relaxing one.


Laser Hair Removal Services

There are places in the body where hair is not exactly welcome. If silky smooth skin is what you are after, our personalized hair removal treatment is for you! We'll assess your hair growth and recommend the best and most suitable treatment.
Free yourself from constant shaving or waxing; get rid of unwanted hair permanently! Bid stubbles, razor burns, nicks and cuts good bye and say hello to luxuriously soft skin. Learn more about our laser hair removal services.


Skin Discoloration Treatment

Life happens — and then they leave undesirable marks on your skin. But you should not feel defeated. Rosacea, spider veins, and sunspots can be tough, but we have effective skin care solutions for these.
We can soften, or even eliminate completely, the look of dark spots, redness, and inflammation. We will carefully evaluate your skin condition to determine the most appropriate treatment. Let us help you remove Rosacea, Spider Veins, & Sunspots. Find out more about our skin discoloration treatment.


Acne Treatments

Some people are more prone to acne than others. But everyone deserves the best skin care solution for acne. Our variety of acne treatment options will help heal and restore your skin.
With our acne treatments, your smooth and blemish-free skin appearance goal is achievable. We invite you to experience our skin-renewing personalized acne treatment. Contact us for a free consultation and let us discuss a plan to get your best face forward. Learn more about our acne treatment.


Botox Treatment

We can’t stop aging, but we can at least go through it gracefully. The latest innovations in skin care solutions make it possible to defy signs of aging. Why look old just because you are aging when you have the power to do something about it?
We can help reduce the physical signs of aging with a variety of treatments that are tailored for individual skin types. Our neurotoxin injections (commonly known as Botox Treatment), dermal fillers, or microneedling and radiofrequency facials will breathe new life into your skin. Explore our Botox and other anti-aging treatment options.

Song of Solomon 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you.”

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You deserve the kind of skin care that is as unique as your skin. Revive Skin Clinic provides reliable skin care solutions to bring back that healthy and beautiful glow.


Trusting someone to perform any skin care treatment on your body or face is a big deal. It’s essential that your skin care professional understand your skin first before coming up with a treatment plan. Our clinic strives to give your skin that level of care and attention.

Revive Skin Clinic of Maine takes the time to get to know you and your skin. Only after this do we recommend the ideal treatment and skin care solution for you. We pair your skin care goals with the appropriate treatment plans to provide you with visible results. No one is treated exactly the same at our clinic, because no one’s skin is the same.

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Committing to a regular skin care regimen is a great way to prevent skin troubles such as acne and aging. But, as many have experienced, at home skin care routine may not always be enough. This is where professional skin treatments can help.

Combining different powerful skin care solutions like Hydrafacials, laser treatments, and Radiofrequency Microneedling, your skin will have a better chance to retain its health and youthfulness. Discover the many ways to give your skin that extra care it deserves with our facial services.

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Personalized Skin Care To Address Your Skin Concerns

Same skin issues – different person. Individual skin types respond differently to the same treatment. It’s something we’ve understood well through the years in the skin care field.

This is why we adapt a personalized approach in skin care solutions to ensure that any treatment is well suited for you. With our personalized skin care approach, we can guarantee the effectivity of treatments while eliminating risks.

Services Tailored To Your Skin Care Goals

Perhaps, you wish to get back that smooth, flawless skin you once had. Maybe you are concerned about sun damage on your skin and want to address it. Or maybe you want to maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness and keep it looking young.

All these — and more — are possible. By combining particular treatments that are tailored for your skin type, we can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Since we have a background in medicine, we take a detail-oriented and targeted approach to make sure that we’re doing what’s right for your skin.

Unlock The Best Skin You Can Have (At Any Age!)

Is it possible to turn back the hands of time and reclaim that lovely, glowing complexion you once enjoyed? Will those acne scars ever improve? Is there a way to renew your skin painlessly?

The answer to these questions is: yes, of course! By acting on skin issues while it’s still early you get a better chance of achieving your skin goals. But we can also deal with other skin problems that have been troubling you for quite some time.

Prevention is always an effective measure for anything, including skin care. The best time to start a serious skin care regimen is now. By starting soon, your skin will get that needed boost to sustain the harsh elements it’s constantly subjected to.

Celebrate the best skin you can have in the present by unlocking your best potential through a dependable skin treatment plan. For skin care solutions and treatments you can trust, reach out to the professionals at Revive Skin Clinic of Maine. Experience the personalized skin care system and find out why many of our happy clients keep coming back. Get the gloriously impeccable skin that everyone admires; book an appointment with us today.